Un hombre entre paréntesis
Mauro Libertella

NON FICTION | 2019 | 186 pages

In August of 2004, Uruguayan author Mario Levrero passed away. He left behind a life consumed by phobias, friendship, women, detective novels, economic instability, and the unwavering search for freedom and free time. He also left behind a body of work consisting of over twenty books, split between stories, novels, journalism, and comics -- all of which was very minimally or poorly edited during his life and which found order and international acclaim only after his death. But who was that man who wrote La novela luminosa, the posthumous and monumental book that turned him into a cult hero for new generations? 

Argentinian author Mauro Libertella delved into the life of Mario Levrero, an icon of Rio de la Plata literature at the turn of the century. Through conversations with family members, friends, critics, and students, as well as through vast biographical sources, he found the keys to a man who took literature written in the first person to a new level, and who once said: "I'm not a weekend writer. Writing doesn't mean sitting down to write; that's the last step, maybe even expendable. What's essential, not just to write but in order to be truly alive, is leisure time." 


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