El invierno con mi generación
Mauro Libertella

NOVEL | 2015 | 128 pages

A group of friends who met at a private school in Buenos Aires come of age. Together, they share a love of literature, rock mix tapes, a hankering after women, uncertainty about their future and the somewhat belated discovery of soft drugs. El invierno con mi generación (Winter with My Generation) is a novel about the decisive years of youth, that confusing, definitive period between 16 and 23. It is also about a secret Buenos Aires, a city at the turn of the century full of empty plazas, smoking dens and bourgeois neighbourhoods in decline. In a precise but romantic, melancholy tone, El invierno con mi generación delivers a series of unforgettable scenes to take its place in the great tradition of the bildungsroman.


The son of Héctor Libertella and the brilliant poet Tamara Kamenszain, Mauro has always been exposed to literature. Those of us who grew up in homes without books tend to idealize literary families. But it must be difficult to follow in the footsteps of one’s parents, when to contradict them is to accept them.
— Alejandro Zambra
His ability to touch us with this quiet, intense writing is incredible; it makes me think of one of those fast but even-flowing rivers that look like a watery conveyer belt or a cloth rippled slightly by the wind.
— Rosario Bléfari


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