El estilo de los otros
Mauro Libertella

NON FICTION | 2015 | 340 pages

Over two years, Mauro Libertella held differently structured interviews with eighteen of the most important Latin American writers on the contemporary scene: relaxed conversations tailored to each interviewee in which they reflected on their writing, reading and lives as well as the criticism they have received and the context in which they were published with humour and insight.

Describing his preparation for these conversations, Libertella says: "Like an assassin for hire studying their victim's movements, I entered their conceptual world for months, sometimes obsessively, as though reading their books, listening to their talks and studying their ways could help me to come to some kind of unique understanding: a sort of truth. Fortunately, I didn't find anything like that."

The authors Libertella chose to interview are Alberto Fuguet, Diamela Eltit, Alejandro Zambra, Rafael Gumucio, Alan Pauls, Sergio Bizzio, Sylvia Molloy, Matilde Sánchez, Fabian Casas, Ricardo Piglia, Ercole Lissardi, Rodrigo Rey Rosa, Antonio José Ponte, Santiago Castellanos Moya, Mario Bellatin, Margo Glantz, Guadalupe Nettel and Juan Villoro, providing a provisional map of the literature of Latin America.



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