Una noche con Sabrina Love
Pedro Mairal

FICTION | 2015 | 115 pages


Daniel Montero, the protagonist of this award-winning novel is seventeen years old. He spends his nights watching porn movies featuring the porn star of the moment:Sabrina Love. That's why, when he wins a contest to spend a night with Sabrina Love, he feels like he has reached heaven. While Sabrina awaits him in a hotel room in Buenos Aires, Daniel undertakes the perilous journey to the capital, along which he will encounter a unique cast of characters who will teach him valuable lessons in sex, love, fear and risk. 

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The list of virtues of Una noche con Sabrina Love is not short. If the first commandment of literature is to be willing to let yourself go, Mairal is a safe bet.
— Jaime G. Mora, ABC Cultural
A novel that produces a misleading sense of ease. The narrative agility and humor bring a cinematographic rhythm to the action that can obscure other levels of reading—where the lightness of anecdotes transforms into a reflection about desire, the overlap between the real world and the virtual world, the contrast between an obscene exhibition of death and the secrecy of sex.
— Rafael Narbona, El Cultural
To read Pedro Mairal is to go back to pure invention and to a place of literary excellence that Argentina never lacked.
— J. Ernesto Ayala-Dip, El País
Pedro Mairal’s descriptions are masterfully handled: rural and urban landscapes, situations, kinds of people, introspective exercises. Everything. In Mairal we find the expertise of a classic novelist, a realist if I may, backed up, of course, by the gaze and language of a modern narrator.
— Manuel Hidalgo, El Cultural
Mairal develops this teenager’s adventure with extraordinarily fluid prose that exudes tenderness and kindheartedness, and with a sense of humor that accompanies the story from beginning to end.
— Íñigo Urrutia, El Diario Vasco
The immense gap between reality and desire is the literary fabric with which Mairal constructs an intense and unforgettable novel.
— Javier Menéndez Llamazares, El Diario Montañés


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