El año del desierto
Pedro Mairal

FICTION | 2005 | 273 pages

What if the history of a country advanced in reverse to its foundation? What if the city were reduced to the size of the village it once was and then became just a pasture? How would we survive?

Maria Valdes Neylan bravely faces her predicament in the face of this unforgiving historical retreat. The elements gradually erase the city, along with all form of civilization, and little by little, Mary falls into barbarism: she loses her job as a secretary,  enters prostitution, commits a crime, she flees and seems to get lost among new tribes.

This novel is a metaphor for never-ending Argentine crisis, taken to absolute destruction,until all that is left is the desert and a voice to tell the story.

RIGHTS: spanish (latin america) PLANETA | spanish (spain) SALTO DE PÁGINA | french RIVAGES | greek POLIS |  | arabic SEFSAFA



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