Semilla del son
Santiago Auserón

NON-FICTION | 2017 / 2019 | 44 pages

“A short but stunning book that starts with Auseron’s visit to Cuba in 1984. Among the scarce offer of music recordings, he finds a cassette of El Guayabero, a picaresque sonero, who, years later, he meets in his native Holguin.  Thus begins a two-fold love story. As an artist, Auserón starts a discovery that will lead, in the 90s, to the rock montuno of Juan Perro. But also he will share his fascination through a valuable collection of classical recordings and the production of Antología by Compay Segundo, using his charisma to introduce Cuban musicians in Spain.

It was a hard work as the Cuban classics were note even available on the local market. In the midst of the Special Period he had to use the diplomatic bag to obtain DAT tapes, to copy the materials of the state run record company EGREM, which he then published in the series Semilla del son. (…) In Havana Auserón meets the North American Ned Sublette, a Texan musician who was also fascinated by black ruma, David Byrne’s manager, preparing a collection for his company Luaka Bop, who Auserón describes as less rigorous as his Semilla del son.

Auserón also talks about the phenomenon of the Buena Vista Social Club. He explains his connection to Ry Cooder, who learned very fast and ended up hitting the target.” – Diego A. Manrique, El País

RIGHTS: spanish LA HUELLA SONORA l spanish (expanded edition) LIBROS DEL KULTRUM



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