Canciones de Juan Perro
Santiago Auserón

NON-FICTION | 2012 | 160 pages

This book compiles the lyrical production of Santiago Auserón since 1995, the year in which he started his path – more as a continuity than as a breakup with the search that Radio Futura represented – under the new artistic name of Juan Perro. In musical terms, this search can be described as an inquiry on the common substratum to genres apparently so far removed as English-language rock, Cuban son or Hispanic folk music. Its literary correlative comes from the suspicion that in the medieval  popular songs and romances, in the Renaissance songs and in their Baroque versions beats the pulse of a dark past in our language. To revise this past Santiago Auserón adopts the name of Juan Perro, expression of «a Galicia troubadour, a black humanist from Granada, and of dance and mask of interlude». This book confirms the vitality of one of the most exciting projects of popular culture nowadays in Spain.

A thinker who sings, a philosopher who performs.
— Diego A. Manrique




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