El ritmo perdido
Santiago Auserón

NON-FICTION | 2015 /2020 | 448 pages

The impact that Afro American music had on the Spanish youth of the second half of the 20th century announced the awakening of sonorous ghosts forgotten over the course of history… From his own musical experiences, in this book Santiago Auserón revisits the traces of negritude in the Iberian Peninsula from the times of the Muslim presence, through the fever of popular dances and singing that over the course of the Golden Age caught all social classes and affected the development of the Castilian literature.

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An intelligent and unusual tour through the tradition of popular Spanish music. An essential book.
— Jenaro Talens, Babelia, El País
Santiago Auserón suggests a fascinating journey, both mythical and real, erudite and magical, through the gaps between notes that, in Spain, have lasted for centuries.
— Ulises Fuente, La Razón
A thoughtfully documented, argued and well written work. Auserón takes on a very strong thesis, with the courage of an essayist and the caution of a researcher.
— Martín Mercader, El Cuaderno
A book in which Auserón develops all his findings about the African origins that run through the heart of Hispanic music, but at the same time it is a kind of biography that has the flavor of truth.
— Emma Rodríguez, Turia


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