Los reyes poetas
Catherine François

NON-FICTION | 2014 | 442 pages

In Los reyes poetas, Catherine François reconstructs the life of the literary courts of Almería and Seville in the 11th century with absolutely accuracy. Her dramatized story manages to portray characters who have been vague until today in scenes filled with emotion while bringing to light the importance of poetry in the politics of the times.


In the delicacy of her reconstruction this book is pure beauty, her dialogues are so wonderful that they become true.
— Juan Carlos Mestre
With this intimate way of dealing with history, the poetry of the Spanish Islam opens a unknown world to us, strange and moving.
— Florence Delay
The Poet Kings by Catherine François is a beautiful text, very well written, that makes us dream with the cavalry of intelligence in the Arabic-Berber Andalucia of those days.
— Hubert Haddad
One of the most outstanding aspects of the work of Catherine François is, undoubtedly, her ability to transmit with mastery to us the importance of poetry in the courtly and popular culture of Al-Andalus. All her work is imbued with this poetic impulse that does not abandon us till the last line and, at the same time, is able to transmit to us the importance, almost obsession, of rhetoric and eloquence in the Al-Andalus culture.
— Awatef Ketiti, EU-topías


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