Caminos bajo el agua
Catherine François

NON-FICTION | 1999 | 288 pages

Paths Under the Water has a main character which is the Yellow River. Its fast-flowing current sweeps along the Chinese territory, the memory of the ancient traditions. This books tries to articulate some of the myths born at its banks, imagining paths between scattered fountains, connecting the legends with the historical documentation. The stories around the River run along the history of China from the first dynasties, confronted already to its unpredictable and imperious will, through the feudal states, that rise dikes to protect themselves from the flooding, to the arrival of the Mongolians, who finish the building of the Great Channel. Its course transforms the landscape and the evolution of culture, extending itself over the ink of writing, over painting and thinking. An epic chant whose heroes have the water as lineage.


This wonderful book by Catherine François is, first of all, a stream of voices following each other in time and at the same time immobilized over the waters, always the same and always different, of the most mythical river of China.
— Jesús Ferrero, El País
Primitive murmurings sprout from the roots: Paths Under the Water with fascinating scenes inspired in the ancestral myths of the Chinese civilization.
— Anne-Hélène Suarez, El País


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