Volver a comer del árbol de la ciencia
Juan Cárdenas

STORIES | 2018 | 176 pages

There are artists that do not read because they consider novels too narrative, and there are writers who hate art because do not understand it, as can be read in one of the preliminary notes of this book. Juan Cárdenas’ interests are diverse, contradictory and very far from the commonplace. Using what could be called an associative method, this book opens unexpected and inspiring connections between art and writing. The result is a beautiful catalogue of stories-essays or examined thinking. These are stories that observe us while we observe them: their images look at us and through them we find ourselves as readers who divagate.

RIGHTS: spanish (colombia)  TUSQUETS I spanish (argentina) SIGILO

Juan Cárdenas’s book branches out like a tree. It is a book of short stories but also a book of essays and also a book of auto fiction, as the branches that come out from the tree’s trunk. There are stories of women and men who look for interstellar artifacts outside Popayán, who walk through the paths at midnight desiring somebody’s else body, who reflect on the divinity of the banana tree and the work of Felisberto Hernández, and the disagreements between art and literature. As if all these were about the act of observing what is in front of us, but also about what is hidden under the other fold of reality.
— Brian Camilo Lara, Revista Arcadia

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