¿Por qué soy católico?
Rafael Gumucio

NON-FICTION | 2019 | 122 pages

“I can’t assure anybody that God exists. I have talked with him many times, but I am prepared to admit that his voice is oddly similar to mine” says Rafael Gumucio in this autobiographical essay where he explains, with humor and contradictions, the fact that he is a Catholic. And it is not just a mere provocation, as it could seem in the current times: the author – in his own way, of course – is truly a Catholic. By personal choice, family tradition and yes, a little bit, to swim against the tide.

Radical expression of freedom of thought, Por qué soy católico talks about life and death, about philosophy and Biblical texts, about childhood and the present times, about community and about a self in permanent conflict with his faith and his behavior. The story of this conflict showcases the decadence of a religion but also its relevance, as well as the cultural changes of a whole country and of an individual who hesitates between those paths and exposes himself with no inhibitions.




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