Mi abuela, Marta Rivas González
Rafael Gumucio

NON-FICTION | 2013 | 226 pages

For Rafael Gumucio the history of Chile is a personal matter. Or even a family matter. And within this family, the eccentric personality of his grandmother – overwhelming, touching, irritating, moving—Marta Rivas González, who had a decisive influence in the education not just emotional but also moral and intellectual of her grandson. With a penetrating sense of paradox, of tenderness, of shamelessness, the stunning author Rafael Gumucio comes back to the scenario of his childhood to bust through from the other shore, acting himself as a third party person, what can be considered as “posthumous memories” of a legendary character, a left-wing aristocrat which genius and patheticism give a unique chord that echoes, as in sordine, the broken and outmoded hymn of a whole country.

RIGHTS: spanish  UDP



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