No te ama
Camila Gutiérrez

FICTION | 2015 | 134 pages

Romantic relationships that pop up unexpectedly force us to make decisions or lead us down unexpected paths. That’s exactly what happens in this autobiographical novel when after having been in a relationship with a woman for three years, the protagonist—who might or might not be Camila Gutiérrez—meets a man and becomes involved in an intense, unfaithful and equivocal relationship. 

No te ama is an intimate and brave novel in which the protagonist, in a sort of sentimental exercise, desperately and humorously searches for an explanation that can affirm or even explain her unique way of existing in the world. 

After her wildly successful Joven y alocada (Young and Wild), Camila Gutiérrez confirms herself as one of the most fresh and innovative voices in contemporary Chilean literature.



No te ama touches a fiber at once smaller and more powerful than her previous novel: the wonderful puns, the humor, the intimacy and the strength of her prose is all there, but Gutiérrez has gained much more in synthesis and depth and, above all, the ability to transmit pain that goes beyond what we; it’s also about what we decide to do. Ultimately, No te ama is about the suffering that one is capable of causing others.
An uninhibited and melancholy novel whose protagonist oscilates between one lover and another, boldly stating: ‘I liked not having to choose.’
— La Tercera

No te ama
NOVEL, 2015

Joven y alocada
NOVEL, 2013