Cuerpo extraño
Jazmina Barrera

ESSAYS | 2013 | 128 pages

The body: room, stage, friend, and enemy, sometimes, that shows us an alien and threatening face—this is the theme that occupies Jazmina Barrera’s penetrating prose. Removed from the conventions of so-called “women's literature,” Barrera does not register the body’s expressions as an object or subject of desire. With a raw and compassionate look, filled with intelligent humor, she explores the mystery of pain, fear, the infinite reserves of patience that an ill person—a patient— and death.

In this collection of compact and luminous essays, Barrera manages to put the reader in front of the mirror and asks: is this shell of flesh and bone a temporary shelter, as some religions postulate? Or, perhaps more accurately: is the body not a “spirit in disguise? –Verónica Murguía



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Cuerpo extraño
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