Cuaderno de faros
Jazmina Barrera

ESSAYS | 2017 | 124 pages

The essays in this volume constitute a collection patiently fed with travel notes, personal essays, memories of readings and historical references. The author takes the reader on trips to discover some real lighthouses—such as the one in Alexandria–and others literary ones, such as in the works of Virginia Woolf, Lawrence Durell, Suetonio, Homer, Plinio the Elder, James Joyce, Herman Melville, José Gorostiza or Luis Cernuda. In the meantime, she invites us to reflect on the limits of collecting, which she questions with a lucid point of view, marked by yearning.

 As the Spanish author Antonio Muñoz Molina wrote, “Jazmina Barrera has woven a narrative that is both poetic and informative, full of bizarre and particular details as well as suggestions that reverberate throughout, much like musical motifs. The lighthouses contained in this notebook are real lighthouses that still light up at night on coasts throughout the world as well as lighthouses that faded centuries ago, and a few lighthouses that never existed, mythological lighthouses and engineers’ projects, lighthouses that are undoubtedly gifted with a symbolism that passed through the history of literature and that seem to be located in a very deep part of our psychological vocabulary, of the catalogue of images that exist just as vividly both in reality and in dreams”. 

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BY JAZMINA BARRERA: Cuaderno de faros ESSAYS, 2017 Cuerpo extraño ESSAYS, 2013