La tribu
Carlos Manuel Álvarez

NON-FICTION | 2017 | 264 pages

La tribu (The Tribe) is a collection of reportages that capture the last beats of the Cuban Revolution and trace the sociopolitical map of the country during these fascinating transition times, from the reestablishment of the diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana, in December 2014, to the death of Fidel Castro in November 2016.

The book is a choral portrait, a rich parade of sportsmen in exile, leading figures of the contemporary arts, internationalist nurses, famous musicians and musicians from the underworld, dissident poets, migrants attempting their way across Central America, fugitives escaping the FBI, homeless people and suicides, the maximum historical leader, dealers from the black market, schizophrenic rafters, as well as the drunkards, policemen and transvestites of the noisy Havana nights.

RIGHTS: spanish (mexico & spain) SEXTO PISO | spanish (colombia, argentina, uruguay & peru) PLANETA | spanish (chile) HUEDERS

His ability to connect his perspective, the content and the form in just one bundle of the highest quality make him one of the best journalists on the continent.
— Leila Guerriero
Reading La Tribu was, above all and before anything else, a great pleasure: the delight of reading something written. Not just an interesting perspective, not just a well-narrated story; the written word. And also, there is Cuba in there.
— Martín Caparrós
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