Guadalupe Nettel

Guadalupe Nettel was born in Mexico in 1973 and grew up between Mexico and France. She obtained a PhD in linguistics from the EHESS  in Paris. She is the author of the international award winning novels El huésped (2006), The Body Where I was Born (2011) and After the Winter (2014, Herralde Novel Prize). She has also published three collections of short stories: Les jours fossils (2002), Pétalos y otras historias incómodas (2008), Natural Histories (2013, Ribera del Duero Prize). In 2008 she was named by the Hay Festival as one of the more promising Latin American authors.

Her work has been translated into more than ten languages and has appeared in publications such as GrantaThe White ReviewLe Magazine littéraire andL’Atelier du Roman. She currently lives in Mexico City where she’s the director of the magazine Revista de la Universidad de México.

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Después del invierno
NOVEL, 2014
El matrimonio de los peces rojos
El cuerpo en que nací
NOVEL, 2011
Pétalos y otras historias incómodas
El huésped
NOVEL, 2006