Dolores Reyes

NOVEL | 2019 | 176 pages

“I lay on the ground, eyes closed. I had learned that figures would rise from the darkness. I tried to see them and not think of anything else, not even the pain coming from my stomach. Nothing, except for a brightness on which I focused all my attention until it transformed into two black eyes. And little by little, as though the night itself had created her, I saw María’s face, her shoulders, her hair, emerging from the most profound darkness I had seen in my life.” 

When she was young, Cometierra swallowed dirt and learned from a vision that her father beat her mother to death. That was only her first vision. Every gift comes with added responsibilities, and the one Cometierra was born with makes her life twice as difficult because she lives in a neighborhood where violence, neglect, and injustice sprout from every corner and where women are the main victims. Through the pursuit of the truth, the discovery of love, and the care between siblings, Cometierra will seek to forge her own path. 

Dolores Reyes has written a debut novel that is harrowing and brilliant, lyrical, sweet, and brutal, narrated with a voice that grips us from the first page. 


Earth Eater is a riveting tale, dark and visceral, that brilliantly explores structural violence against women. It will haunt you long after the last page is turned.
— Juan Milà, Executive Director, HarperVia
In a style that is as deeply poetic as it is visceral, Cometierra follows in the footsteps of such fundamental authors as Juan Rulfo and Sara Gallardo. It reinvents, shining with its own light and a singular voice, the universe of the outskirts of Buenos Aires.
— Selva Almada
Dolores Reyes’s harsh and sensitive lyricism explodes in your hands, reader. Argentine crime literature, or, should I say, literature in general, has found the heroine we were missing, one that the earth speaks to on the poisoned plain, and one that also has a brilliant prose. With Cometierra, Reyes reigns.
— Gabriela Cabezón Cámara
If the Subconscious (in writing?) has no contradiction principle, there cannot be any differences between the living and the dead. Cometierra is on that edge, brazen and wild and full of powerful lyricism that succeeds at a major challenge: renewing the voice of the choir with great skill and sensitivity. Dolores Reyes is its corifeo, Cometierra: an endearing novel that has it all.
— Julián López