Animales del fin del mundo
Gloria Susana Esquivel

FICTION | 2017 | 145 pages

Inés is six years old. She has lost her teeth and more than anything, she fears the end of the world. One morning, a bomb goes off near her home and in the midst of all the chaos she finds María, a girl with whom she can finally share the adult world she lives in. But it's just the beginning of the end: She will soon celebrate her 7th birthday and her life is in shatters.

RIGHTS: spanish ALFAGUARA | spanish (chile) NEON | english UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRESS

The story of Inés—the story of the wounds inflicted on her by her loved ones, of her discovery of the dark sides of the human condition, are the themes tha flow through this enjoyable novel.
— Ángel Castaño Gizmán, El Espectador
Gloria Esquivel’s début novel is an nimble coming-of-age story, moving and seemingly simple, that nevertheless touches upon universal themes such as family, friendship, sex… Animales del fin del mundo is the kind of book that settles in your head and slowly reveals itself like a epiphany.
— Sergio Ávila, VICE
Animales del fin del mundo is a story as disturbing and violent as it is moving.
— Cerosetenta