Juego de memoria
Humberto Ballesteros

NOVEL | 2017 | 134 pages

An old man, ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease, shows up at the hospital one day and the doctor assigned to him, a middle-aged woman, is overtaken by an unshakable feeling of dread. Instants later, her intuition proves to be right: the man in her care is none other than Armando Cárdenas a former military leader and former war criminal who, thirty years earlier, murdered her young lover: a vivacious young woman who forever changed the course of her life. 

Now, with this feared man at her mercy, the novel’s protagonist asks herself whether she will ever be able to extract the truth from the executioner. Yet oblivion, not only that of her patient but also that of History, is a relentless enemy. Forced to face both her patient’s illness and the labyrinth of her own treacherous memories, the woman becomes obsessed with finding the truth and her delirious quest leads her to suspect that, even though it may not seem so, the act of remembering is never entirely innocent.




Juego de memoria
NOVEL, 2017
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