Los disidentes del universo
Luigi Amara

ESSAY | 2013 | 149 pages

Los disidentes del universo presents us with a parade of unlikely men and women who are determined to defy the coarse principle of the homogenization of desire – or ‘normality’–, which social systems try to impose on the individual. This catalogue of eccentricities and rarities, explores a variety of different ages, like the end of the Second World War in Britain, the beginning of the XIXth Century in Mexico, or the zenith of the XVIIIth Century in China, and includes a man who becomes addicted to queuing, another who mixes his vocation in the circus with his affection for women with more facial hair than a primate; a series of people affected by a parallel chess-like dimension of existence; a taxidermist who dreamed and created monsters that could have been part of The Book of Imaginary Beings by Borges and the manager of a funeral home obsessed with demystifying the last words of famous characters whose fake farewells from life spoiled one of the most subtle gestures of human existence: to stop existing.


I would like to advise the future reader of this book that doubting the veracity of the data presented by this essayist is extremely tiring and unnecessary. So believe him, agree with him and you will realize that what he brings up are genuine problems, and that if they were never really problems for history at any point, they are now real in the mind of the reader that registers them.
— Fernando León, Revista Crítica

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