¿Vos me querés a mí?
Romina Paula

 FICTION | 2005 | 125 pages

This book is a trap. Its cunning is the disguise with which its dialogues capture a new slang that talks about sex, emotions or triviality. Its bet is a devastating work on language to reveal that the enigmatic essence of the feminine is not an armored retreat.
The link between words that cross and fracture common sense advances in a search that explores the darkness of the soul and weaves an ethics and a poetics of sexuality threaded in its contradictions, in the tropisms of the family novel and in the simulacra and stumbles with which life is made to pass as life.
This book traps the poacher, the unsuspecting reader, fantasies and prejudices, disarms them and recreates them in the same act that reveals the less visible forms of ambiguity and desire.
¿Vos me querés a mí? by Romina Paula is a surprising novel, a happy assemblage of the narrative resources that construct its plot, a set of voices that move with intuition, tenderness, impiety and an incorruptible intelligence in the reconstruction of a story.