Niños héroes
Diego Zúñiga

FICTION | 2016 | 244 pages

Model apartments, long walks through the city, love affairs in inhospitable suburbs, everyday life in a public hospital, an occupied school, a group of abducted students, the unexpected destiny of a soccer star. These are some of the places, characters and situations present in the ten magnificent stories that make up Diego Zúñiga’s Niños héroes.

Moving away from northern Chile, the setting for his celebrated novels Camanchaca and Racimo, Zúñiga centers these stories around life in the big city. He does so in a contained style that cuts back on descriptions and explanations, opting instead for subtle suggestions that allow the reader the luxury of painting his own tableau through these powerful stories, featuring children, teens and young adults who live their loves and their hostilities, their despairs and their admirations, their hatred and their dreams, entirely unhindered.


With Niños héroes, Diego Zúñiga highlights the middle class not just as a social group, but as a landscape: the place where many, mostly children and teenagers, struggle for survival… With Niños héroes, Zúñiga takes a step forward in the consolidation of the only important thing that a writer committed to his work might aspire to: a voice that accounts for the world.
— Qué Pasa

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