Tristeza de la verdad
Alberto Ruy Sánchez

NON-FICTION | 2017 | 144 pages

"With this book, Ruy Sánchez has revealed himself as one of our county's best essayists. His nervous and agile writing, his acute intelligence devoid of cruelty, his compassionate disposition devoid of condescension and complicity... (...) This work has the details of a historical chronicle and the psychological penetration of a novel. (...) In his sharp and rapid prose, Alberto Ruy Sánchez tells us a complex story in which personal psychology and collective politics, literature and a passion for justice, the introspection of a solitary figure and a thirst for fraternity, doubts and beliefs become intertwined... (...) A book written with clear letters on a dark surface. It makes us sad but also enlightens us."    

—Octavio Paz



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