Tres obras: Fauna, El tiempo todo entero, Algo de ruido hace
Romina Paula

 THEATER | 2005 | 144 pages

The dramatic text is a rarity in that it always implies a third dimension. It is its own time and space, but it is also a hypothesis of scenic representation which it contains without illustrating it. Much like those homeopathic capsules that don't contain the drug but its energy. When the author does not impress that extravagance on the dramaturgy and writes forgetting the scene, the final product is useless. And when the author writes with only the scene in mind, the result might work but it won't transcend it's utilitarian condition. That's the question. Body and word are a single object. And this conundrum and the reason why there are so many people who write plays but very few playwrights.

In the powerful theatrical solvency of her situations and characters and in the plain beauty of her texts Romina Paula is an extreme example of that virtue. And these three plays prove that point. A playwright where words and body come together as one.