Todos se van
Wendy Guerra

FICTION | 2014 | 264 pages

When Nieve Guerra finds herself caught between the tides of her parents’ turbulent relationship and a country torn apart by political unrest, she begins recording the intimate and harsh details of her life within the pages of her Diary. Nieve is sent away from her mother, her mother’s free-spirited and loving Swedish boyfriend Fausto, and her childhood city of Cienfuegos and forced to endure unrelenting abuse at the hand of her father. Only her Diary will not leave her. It is her only friend, her sole outlet for her joy, sadness, and anger, and because of it she is able to remain in Cuba, her only home.

The novel was adapted into a film by the Colombian director Sergio Cabrera in 2014.


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Her books powerfully portray the uncomfortable grandchildren of the revolution. A generation facing the same ‘forbidden’ destiny as their predecessors, experiencing the forbidden in ways that are lighter, but which cause more suffering as well.
— L. Santiago Méndez Apinar, El País
In what is looking like a crucial moment in the history of Cuba, Wendy Guerra has become the novelist of this metamorphosis, which could lead—as many of us hope—to something as difficult and humble as a democracy.
— Christopher Domínguez Michael, Letras Libres
Everyone Leaves” is a thinly veiled autobiography: the journal of a young woman who feels betrayed by a succession of men in a male-dominated country, and oppressed by the conformism of the Revolution
— Jon Lee Anderson, The New Yorker
Her classic story about coming of age in a broken down revolutionary culture in the tropics, the book that she calls her luxury, my medicine, what keeps me standing, a book that delivers real news from Cuba in a lyrical way… She describes with a freshness and intensity I haven’t read before.
— Alan Cheuse, NPR
Everyone Leaves is a moving and often disturbing book, written with a sense of detachment one needs to survive in a society that flattens individual expression.
— Faith, Fiction, Friends




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