Signor Hoffman
Eduardo Halfon

STORIES | 152 PAGES | 2015 

A writer travels to Italy to honor the memory of his Polish grandfather who was imprisoned in Auschwitz; he travels from coast to coast in Guatemala—from a black sand beach on the Pacific to a white sand beach on the Atlantic; he travels to Harlem searching for the nostalgia of a jazz salon and in Poland, he looks for his family's legacy in what his grandfather left behind. Because as the narrator explains, all of our travels are in fact one. 

Each and everyone of the stories in this collection oscillates between two poles: between cosmopolitan and rural, between worldly travels and inner journeys, between the identities we adopt in order to save ourselves from the mask we begin to take on as time passes: between Mister Halfon and Signor Hoffman. 

Signor Hoffman is Eduardo Halfon's newest addition to the literary puzzle started with The Polish Boxer and Monastery.



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