Quinteto de Mogador
Alberto Ruy Sánchez

FICTION | 2015 | 824 pages

The five books that make up Quinteto de Mogador, at last in one volume. 

A story about the fact that loving is like reading an erotic book that transforms in our hands. 

Essaouira or Mogador, a maritime city, a walled labyrinth, a city of stunning beauty, both desired and desiring and never quite possessed. But, does Mogador truly exist? Or is it, as some have said, the name of a woman described as a harbor? Why do people say she always seduces but is never entirely posessed? In Mogador, desire is drawn with five colors or five elements: air, water, earth, fire and, the fifth essence, amazement. The five books that constitute Quinteto de Mogador —Nueve veces el asombro, Los nombres del aire, En los labios del agua, Los jardines secretos de Mogador and La mano del fuego—reunited, for the first time, in one volume, constitute the microcosm whose center is the search for love and, at the same time, the beloved woman.



Tristeza de la verdad
ESSAY, 2017
Los sueños de la serpiente
NOVEL, 2017
Quinteto de Mogador
NOVEL, 2015
Con la literatura en el cuerpo
ESSAY, 2012
Decir es desear
NOVEL, 2011
Elogio del insomnio
NOVEL 2011
Los nombres del aire
NOVEL, 2010
En los labios del agua
NOVEL, 2010
Los jardines secretos de Mogador
NOVEL, 2010
Nueve veces el asombro
NOVEL 2010
La mano del fuego
NOVEL, 2007
Los demonios de la lengua
NOVEL, 2007