O paraíso segundo Lars D.
João Tordo

NOVEL | 2015 | 216 pages

Nameless Places Trilogy, Volume 2

On a winter morning, Lars leaves his house, driven by a painful bout of insomnia, and finds a young woman sleeping in his car. He is a writer in his sixties who had lost his will to write years before; the girl is named Gloria and is living the troubled days of her youth. A few hours later, Lars goes on a trip with the woman, leaving behind a marriage that lasted a lifetime and an unpublished novel: Mourning of Elias Gro.

It is Lars’ wife who takes the reins of the narrative, just as she had tried to do with her husband’s life. Held hostage by memories, sometimes funny, occasionally painful, of the years spent with the writer, the narrator builds an emotional map of her marriage, which, in the end, becomes the map of solitude and affection. With her life paralyzed due to Lars’ absence, her path crosses with Xavier’s, a young Theology student. Together, they will search for Lars’ whereabouts, and on the way, they will explore a certain idea of Eden.

RIGHTS: portuguese (portugal) COMPANHIA DAS LETRAS | spanish (colombia) UNIANDES

João Tordo takes us to a place inhabited by solitude — his, ours, and that of the characters who inhabit the book —, a place that is also a site of rebirth and an open door to new beginnings.
— Pedro Miguel Silva, Deus Me Livro


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