O luto de Elias Gro
João Tordo

NOVEL | 2015 | 328 pages

Nameless Places Trilogy, Volume 1

A man seeks solitude on a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean, hoping to be forgotten, but he finds much more than that.

The island is home to peculiar creatures: a dreamy priest named Elias Gro; an eleven-year-old girl who is an expert in anatomy; Alma, a woman whose heart is bigger than the island itself; Norbert, an old madman who likes to wander out at night; and the ghost of a writer whose home was swallowed by the sea.

The narrator, torn by the past, struggles with his demons in the place he chose to be alone in: an abandoned lighthouse, at the mercy of Nature — and of the island’s other dwellers. Step by step, slow as seasons changing, he will emerge from his hideout, suffer through grief, on a joyful and painful journey to discover the right measure of love. Mourning Elias Gro is João Tordo’s most intimate and atmospheric novel, plunging into the depths of the human soul at its darkest and at its brightest.

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Mourning Elias Gro will have its own, non-transferable place among the best works of contemporary Portuguese literature.
— João Gobern, Diário de Notícias
João Tordo asks himself, using the possibilities of fiction, what happens to one’s personality when you lose something or someone essential to you.
— Marco Rufino, Diário Digital
An intimate portrait of mortality.
— Isabel Lucas, Público


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