O deslumbre de Cecilia Fluss
João Tordo

NOVEL | 2017 | 352 pages

Nameless Places Trilogy, Volume 3

At fourteen years of age, Matias Fluss is a teenager preoccupied with three things: sex, a deranged uncle, and Buddhist tales. He lives with his mother and his older sister, Cecilia, in a sort of nest where he licks the wounds of his youth : his first passion, his existential doubts, his struggle to assert himself. Whenever he feels the glass is overflowing, he takes shelter in his uncle Elias’ isolated cabin.

However, he will be stripped of his innocence early on. Just around the corner, he is dealt the harshest blow of his life: the sudden disappearance of Cecilia, who, falling head over heels for a stranger, is last seen jumping off a bridge.

Much later, Matias will be forced to revisit his pain, when his quiet college professor’s life is disrupted by a letter coming from the shadows of the past, casting suspicion on what really happened to his sister — without knowing that going back to the past might also mean rescuing himself.

RIGHTS: portuguese (portugal) COMPANHIA DAS LETRAS | spanish (colombia) UNIANDES

This is an extraordinary novel, which can be read against the backdrop of a talent that’s been more than confirmed, maybe unique among us, on the forefront of literary voices from the generation João Tordo belongs to.
— João de Melo, Portuguese author
João Tordo creates (...) two contiguous stages which he balances between the cruel daring that realism asks for and the introspective atmosphere which stems from it, put together with resourcefulness and absolute efficacy.
— Lídia Jorge, Portuguese author


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