In bookstores today: El libro de la envidia by Ricardo Silva Romero

Ricardo Silva Romero's newest novel, El libro de la envidia hits bookstores today. 

An ambitious novel that depicts Bogotá worst vice: envy, El libro de la envidia takes place over the course of a single day: August 31st 1986, three months after the death of legendary Colombian poet José Asunción Silva. "El Loco Cacanegra" a popular character from the streets of Bogotá takes it upon himself to show every indifferent bogotano the truth he has been carrying for so many days. The fact is, José Asunción Silva didn't commit suicide, as everyone believes, he was murdered right in front of el Loco Cacanegra, the only witness to this horrific crime. Along with his dear friend La Virreyna, a prostitute, and conscious of the fact that all odds are stacked against him, this unique and brave character decides that that day is the day that the world will see the truth. 

Through fiction, Ricardo Silva Romero proves the hypothesis on José Asunción Silva's death first presented by Enrique Santos Molano in his monumental biography of the poet. El libro de la envidia masterfully depicts a Bogotá in which the art of coveting what others have has survived an caused one of history's most horrific crimes. At least that's what Loco Cacanegra thinks. 


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