The Extraordinary Lydia Cacho: "Lydia, Lo que no te he dicho" (Lydia, what I haven't told you)

Many people know the case of journalist and activist Lydia Cacho. His story resonated strongly not only in Mexico but throughout the world, showing the inner workings of a corrupt political system that is capable of anything, including the act of disappearing someone people who, like Lydia, believe in exposing the truth. However there are many things we do not know Lydia.

As part of the campaign  #impunidadmata, launched exactly a year ago, ARTICLE 19 presents a closer look at Lydia's inner circle. Her friends and family speak of the sleepless nights they have lived by her side, but most of all, they speak of her strength and conviction that the world can, and should, be a better place.

"Lydia, Lo que no te he dicho" (Lydia, what I haven't told you) is the story of a warrior woman, a woman like the many women across the planet whose stories we do not know, but we know they exist. This documentary is dedicated to each and every one of them.