In Guatemala City with David Unger

A fascinating interview with David Unger (author of The Price of Escape) with Nathalie Handal for Words Without Borders, where he discusses childhood memories, literary places and Guatemala City.

Can you describe the mood of Guatemala City as you feel/see it?

The mood depends upon the social class that you occupy. For the upper-middle and the upper classes, life in Guatemala City can be euphoric: wonderful climate, inexpensive restaurants, the ability to hire the impoverished to cook, clean, and drive you around. The next vacation—abroad or to scenic Rio Dulce or Lake Atitlan—is just around the corner. For the class that serves the privileged, taking a bus, walking home, not being assaulted by narco gangs or just plain hoodlums is the day-to-day challenge. The overall mood is one of tension and insecurity, with the faint odor of something smoldering that shouldn’t be burning.

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