Diego Zúñiga's highly anticipated second novel, Racimo is now in bookstores in Chile, just in time for FILSA.  

About Racimo:
The disappearance of several girls in the town of Alto Hospicio, located in northern Chile, has the photographer Torres Leiva baffled. Almost as much as by the indifference of the authorities. Surrounded by ineffective police officers, opportunistic politicians, colleagues of dubious reliability and a few desperate and heroic relatives, Torres Leiva is thrust into a bleak reality, one that is as harsh as the desert where the plot unfolds, all while his own life it seems to be falling to pieces.

Written with finesse and precision, Racimo, the author's second novel, is full of intrigue and unforgettable and resonant scenes that confirm Zúñiga as one of the strongest and most compelling young voices in Latin America.

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