Wendy Guerra

FICTION | 2013 | 328 pages

Nirvana del Risco is the first Cuban black woman heroine who shows herself bare, open and crude in front of what many hide because of prejudices: bisexuality, racism, politics, fear and the near intimacy of the enemy. Daughter of the generation of the 60s and leading rebel in the Havana of 2000, she travels the track between the forbidden and the sacred, revealing that way the hidden recipies of the Afrocuban culture and its witchcraft. 

Nirvana decides to free herself from the orishas and change the rules. The tragic destiny of our heroine tells a sensitive and little explored part of the femenine Latinamerican literature.

The word «Negra» (black) is for some a tabu; for the protagonist it contains all the music, flavour and feeling of her body, her soul and her country. 

RIGHTS: spanish ANAGRAMA | french STOCK  

La prose of shaked up by percussion, is a compendium of music, race, passion, politics, sex, magic, injustice, religión, epic, savour.
— Xavi Ayén, La Vanguardia
The erotism and a sexuality told with narrative strenght and in no uncertain terms are the engines of the novel: the male and female lovers of the protagonist propitiate live chapters in which a fiery poetic prose runs in parallel. There is a remembrance of the Havana of the past, the beautiful city of Cabrera Infante… Guerra knows how to tell a story, as a good Cuban, without negelcting the humour and a deep sense of absurdity-
— Ernesto Calabuig, El Mundo




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