Nadie me verá llorar
Cristina Rivera Garza

NOVEL | 1999 | 256 pages

Mexico National Novel Prize, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize, IMPACT Prize

Joaquin Buitrago, a photographer in the Castaneda Insane Asylum, believes a patient, Matilda Burgos, is a prostitute he knew years earlier. His obsession leads him to explore the clinic's records, and her tragic history. Joaquin and Matilda begin to tell each other fragmented stories about a past they almost shared, and a future in which they do not believe. Set in 1920's Mexico, this novel is at once an overview of one of the most turbulent times in Mexican history, a love story, and a meditation on the ways in which medical and popular language defined insanity. No One Will See Me Cry is a lyrical and startling visitation with the so-called losers of an era as they try to plumb the meaning of their lives.




One of the most notable works of fiction not only in Mexican literature but in the literature of the Spanish-speaking world at the start of the twentieth-first century ... In this novel of long dark skirts, Rivera Garza imagines, like no one else has done in Mexico since José Revueltas, the tragic options and the psychic turmoil caused by revolutionary theory and action. And she does it with such an intensity, with such a grandeur that, in conjunction with Matilda, the protagonist, we must, as readers, kneel ourselves when Diamantina dies, Cástulo gets lost, and Matilda prays for them ...
— Carlos Fuentes, El País



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