Los sueños de la serpiente
Alberto Ruy Sánchez

FICTION | 2017 | 304 pages

To recover the memory, a centenarian man, locked in a psychiatric ward, writes and draws on the walls of his cell the memories he is recovering. This throws him into an adventure of the great illusions and disappointments of his century, and to discover the multiple lives that inhabit him. He needs to invent his ancestors and allow a deeper truth to emerge. He has to invent himself from a few shreds of memories or delusions.

His mystery begins to unravel through a series of startles, silences and overflows: apparently he is a Mexican immigrant in the United States, turned automotive worker; frustrated lover of the woman who would be seduced by the assassin of Trotsky. He migrated, once more, this time to the Soviet Union, and became a worker at the arms plant that Henry Ford sold to Stalin to create a utopian Soviet Detroit. He was the English tutor of Sergo Beria, son of the head of the Secret Police, of which he was more than once both pawn and victim.

Finally, he will be the calligrapher and builder of this peculiar labyrinth. On the centenary of the Soviet Revolution, his testimony is a chamber of echoes as enthusiastic as they are sore. His catatonia and his awakening are on par with those of the century. And they haven’t ended.




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