Las niñas prodigio
Sabina Urraca

NOVEL | 2017 | 320 pages

A partially autobiographical novel agitated by the stigma of amour fou for a mature and alcoholic man, Las niñas prodigio is also a tragicomedy in multiple acts and a tale with hints of gothic terror - but above all, it is a contemporary story about identity that opens in the present imperfect to then return to every stage in a woman's life.

Pansexual, painful, sentimentally voracious, the narrator's voice begins her particular path to perfection, a gallery of ghosts both real and figurative that recall both popular culture and her own childhood, a whirling descent that Sabrina Urraca turns into a passionate work of fiction that is unmatched among contemporary Spanish literature.

RIGHTS: spanish FULGENCIO PIMENTEL I portuguese (portugal) KALANDRAKA

By turns caustic, joyful and downbeat, both cutting-edge and classic: a wonderful miscellany.
— Javier Divisa
Sabina Urraca achieves something very rare: she has managed to capture my generation’s submission to the promise of instant gratification, and something of the opacity that undergirds our supposed baring of our most intimate secrets. And she succeeds in transforming all of this into literature: extraordinary, somehow at once whimsical and deeply necessary, this book is a challenge to our times.
— Nadal Suau
Sabina Urraca has invented a new genre: autofiction that is more addictive than Netflix.
— Maria Delatte