João Tordo

João Tordo (1975) was born in Lisbon. He won the Portuguese Young Creators Award For Literature (2001), the José Saramago Literary Prize for his novel Three Lives (2008) and the GQ Magazine Literature Award in 2014. He was shortlisted twice for the Portuguese Society for Authors Award for Narrative Fiction, and four times for the Fernando Namora Literary Prize. The Good Winter (2010) was among the final selection for the European Literary Award in 2012.

His works are translated into several languages and published in twelve countries. He has published multiple other novels. He works as a translator, screenwriter, and fiction writing teacher. A mulher que correu atrás do vento is is most recent novel.

One of Portugal’s greatest literary talents (...) his training is reflected in his works: like Gonçalo M. Tavares, writing, for Tordo, means exploring existential questions.
— Darmstädter Echo
Just like Nobel Prize-winner José Saramango, João Tordo puts into question, with his talent, the belief in one’s own identity to which us humans cling to.
— Le Monde
A great novelist who redeems us from horror, like great masters do, with the mysterious power of writing.
— António-Pedro Vasconcelos, Sol


A mulher que correu atrás do vento NOVEL, 2019 Ensina-me a voar sobre os telhados NOVEL, 2018 O deslumbre de Cecilia Fluss NOVEL, 2017 O paraíso segundo Lars D. NOVEL, 2015 O luto de Elias Gro NOVEL, 2015 Biografía involuntária dos amantes NOVEL, 2014 O ano sabático NOVEL, 2013 As três vidas NOVEL, 2012 Anatomia dos mártires NOVEL, 2011 O livro dos homens sem luz NOVEL, 2011 O bom inverno NOVEL, 2010 Hotel memória NOVEL, 2009