Fantasía roja
Iván de la Nuez

ESSAYS | 2015 | 200 pages

What do Jean Paul Sartre and Oliver Stone, Régis Debray and Sydney Pollack, the musician Ry Cooder—who produced Buena Vista Social Club—and the film director Richard Lester—who directed The Beatles’s Help!—Giangiacomo Feltrinelli and Max Aub, Graham Greene and David Byrne have in common?

Beside from being, each one in their own way, well-known intellectual icons of the western left, these celebrated personalities have shared their passion for the Cuban Revolution. Red Fantasy is focused on investigating the profound or trivial reasons behind their passions. It is a personal essay written with both conceptual rigor and a sense of humor.  

From philosophy or music, to novels or films, from fire and ruins, to tourism and shaky Cadillacs, from theory to street life, this essay questions the mysteries behind such fantasies and brings forward a discussion about what we should expect from a renovated left for the 21st century.


RIGHTS: spanish DEBATE |  italian CASTELVECCI  | portuguese ANGELUS NOVUS


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