En busca de Kayla
Lydia Cacho

Illustrated by Patricio Betteo

CHILDREN'S | 2015 | 64 pages

At school one day Myriam spots a group of boys looking at pictures and videos on a tablet. The pictures and videos are of Kayla, a classmate who disappeared a few days ago. In some of the pictures Kayla is wears a bikini, while in others, she's completely naked. There is even a video of her, one in which an older man is touching her face and asking her to smile. Myriam is horrified and she confronts the boys, but they think there’s nothing wrong —After all, everyone knows Kayla is a slut. She even participated in beauty pageants. 

But Myriam knows better. With the help of Bruno—her computer genius friend—she is determined to find out the truth behind what happened to Kayla. Together, they discover how Kayla was approached by an online predator with a fake profile and how he was able to get closer and closer until he abducted her against her will. In a trepidatingadventure, Myriam and Bruno work together to help the authorities rescue Kayla.

It is estimated that at least two million children are exploited every year in the global commercial sex trade. Girls make up to the 98 percent of that number.

Written by international bestselling author, journalist and human rights activist Lydia Cacho, this beautifully illustrated graphic novel creates awareness among children and their parents on the ways in which sex traffickers and pedophiles operate, and on the best ways to avoid them.



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