El libro del futuro
Joana Carro & César Sánchez

NON FICTION | 2018 | 48 pages (sticker + foldout pages)

What if you could speak to your future self through a book? What if you could create a time capsule, that only you will read in 15 years?

From the beginning of time, humans have fantasized about time travel. Aiming to speak to those who live in different eras, they have constructed time capsules to cross that impenetrable wall. Experiencing the passing of time is also an essential part of our identity, and a time capsule can be a powerful tool of self-reflection. This book was born from that knowledge: that children are also capable of this kind of self-reflection, of sending a message to the future and talking without any interference to their adult selves.

The Book of the Future is a time capsule that will help your future self remember who you are now and who you want to be. Through fun activities and creative prompts, The Book of the Future guides you in creating a snapshot of your current self for your future self to enjoy,

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