El boxeador polaco
Eduardo Halfon

SHORT STORIES | 2008 | 110 pages

The Polish Boxer covers a vast landscape of human experience while enfolding a search for origins: a grandson tries to make sense of his Polish grandfather’s past and the story behind his numbered tattoo; a Serbian classical pianist longs for his forbidden heritage; a Mayan poet is torn between his studies and filial obligations; a striking young Israeli woman seeks answers in Central America; a university professor yearns for knowledge that he can’t find in books and discovers something unexpected at a Mark Twain conference. Drawn to what lies beyond the range of reason, they all reach for the beautiful and fleeting, whether through humor, music, poetry, or unspoken words. Across his encounters with each of them, the narrator—a Guatemalan literature professor and writer named Eduardo Halfon—pursues his most enigmatic subject: himself.

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Deeply accessible, deeply moving.
— The Los Angeles Times
The hero of Halfon’s novel delights in today’s risible globalism, but recognizes that what we adopt from elsewhere makes us who we are.
— The New York Times
The Polish Boxer is an enchanting, unclassifiable book of encounters, impressions and imporvisations: a book for the ages, which can be read in one sitting, and then again, and again, and again.
— Christopher Merril, author of The Tree of the Doves: Ceremony, Expedition, War
Stimulating and inspiring.
— The Independent
Eduardo Halfon is a brilliant storyteller, whose gifts are displayed on every page of this beautiful, daring, and deeply humane book.
— Daniel Alarcón, author of War by Candlelight and Lost City Radio
Tight and lean . . . falling somewhere between the novels of Roberto Bolaño, WG Sebald, and Junot Díaz.
— Telegraph
Intense pain and beauty are offset by an unabashedly boyish sense of humor; in the same page, Halfon can skillfully switch from a discussion about intense immigrant alienation to a hilarious observation on the short male attention span for pornography.
The Polish Boxer is a book that picks away at the idea of belonging as though at a scab.
— The Guardian


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