El ángel literario
Eduardo Halfon

NOVEL | 2005 | 135 pages


Why does a person begin to write? In the lives of people with all or none of the proper circumstances, is there a moment of initial literary inspiration or narrative awakening? Starting with five biographic short stories that aspire to pinpoint the literary origins of Hermann Hesse, Raymond Carver, Ernest Hemingway, Ricardo Piglia, and Vladimir Nabokov, a narrator, perhaps Eduardo Halfon himself, attempts to pinpoint the precise—yet ephemeral—moment in which an angel flies over someone and forces them into the literary life. But does such a moment really exist?

Part novel, part collection of short stories, essays, interviews, and fragmented diary, El ángel literario flirts with being a book that is taking shape as it is being written, a book that details and registers the arduous process of it’s own creation, all while trying to decipher the enigma of the literary calling

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A beautiful, haunting novel. Eduardo Halfon’s prose is as delicate, precise, and ineffable as the precocious art—a lighthouse that illuminates everything.
— Francisco Goldman, author of The Divine Husband and The Art of Political Murder


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