Cualquier miércoles soy tuya
Mayra Santos-Febres

NOVEL | 2002 | 288 pages

Julian Castrodad is a small town journalist working in a local newspaper. One evening after work he happens to meet Tadeo Chamdeleau, a man who works in a small motel in the outskirts of the Caribbean city. Soon after, Julián looses his job and his financial situation forces him to accept the position that Tadeo offers him at the motel. Through Tadeo, Julián discovers that the motel is the site of unnatural events and strange visits, and the gathering place of mysterious individuals with the appearance of drug dealers that meet at completely inappropriate hours. Without realizing it, Julián finds himself caught in a mysterious web where a woman, the beautiful Dama Solitaria, is not only the element that triggers the grandest passions but also the key to understanding this surprising story.