Casas vacías
Brenda Navarro

NOVEL | 2018 | 164 pages

Casas vacías opens with a mother who loses her son: “Daniel disappeared three months, two days and eight hours after his birthday. He was three years old. He was my son.” The story unravels the mystery of Daniel’s sudden disappearance but there is another story that unfolds in parallel— not at the park where he vanished nor at the house where he arrives but within the minds of the novel’s two protagonists: the biological mother—whose devastating pain is mined by the regret of ever having a child—and the new mother who risked it all to have him. Told through these two carefully crafted voices Navarro’s brilliant novel explores the pain of losing a child, but also the social impositions of motherhood, whether it is wanted or unwanted.

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Brenda Navarro has written a meticulous study of pain as someone who knows that behind every affection there is a hidden evil. Entering this book is the kind of risk one must take at a time when there is no room for lukewarmness.
— Yuri Herrera
Brenda Navarro, perhaps one of the best kept secrets of Mexican literature has written a poignant first novel that speaks of the pain of the disappearance of a child and of one’s life.
— Fernanda Melchor
Very intelligent, dazzling, deeply human. Thus is the literature of Brenda Navarro, the last great news in Mexican literature. Empty Houses is destined to become the fundamental work on the reality that hides under the idea that we have of motherhood.
— Emiliano Monge
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Casas vacías NOVEL, 2018