A mulher que correu atrás do vento
João Tordo

NOVEL | 2019 | 464 pages

1892, Bavaria. Lisbeth Lorentz, a piano teacher, becomes obsessed with a thirteen-year-old student who suffers from autism. Upon discovering that he’s a prodigy, she prompts him to compose a concert in class until one day, without warning, she makes him disappear. 

1991, Lisbon. Beatriz, a university student who dreams of her deceased mother, becomes involved with the author of The History of Silence, a novel about Lisbeth Lorentz. 

At the same time, while volunteering at a homeless shelter, Beatriz meets Lia, a teenager with an unknown past and a destroyed present. 

1973, London. Graça Boyard, a Portuguese woman, gives birth to her first and only daughter. Escaped from Lisbon to flee from her father’s tyranny and the stifling dictatorship, she returns to the capital after the Revolution as a renowned actress—and abandons her infant daughter. 

2015, Lisbon. In a therapist’s office, Lia Boyard challenges her history and years spent begging the moment she decides to look for her mother. It is here that the stories of these four women, spanning over a century and multiple locations, start to come together—united by a force that transcends life itself. 

A story told in four voices that explores the power of love and the void of loss, that builds up to a shocking revelation, a twist that makes this novel by João Tordo a magnetic tale. 

RIGHTS: portuguese (portugal) COMPANHIA DAS LETRAS



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