A Cuban Life
Juan Padrón

GRAPHIC MEMOIR | 2019 | Aprox. 250 pages

 A memoir that retells the history of one of the most enigmatic nations of our time: Cuba.

A Cuban Life is a graphic memoir in which Juan Padrón, the most important illustrator in Cuba, narrates his life and the historical context in which it has unfolded. The book starts with a historical introduction through the migration of Juan Padrón's family from Spain to Cuba in the middle of the XIX century, followed by the years of the Cuban independence war from Spain and the US-dominated Batista government in which Juan Padrón was born. The story itself starts in his childhood, at the time when the Batista regime ended and the arrival of the Cuban Socialist revolution and closes with the 1970s, when Padrón starts doing animation films. Padrón spent some time living in Moscow where he married a Russian woman who travelled to Cuba, while the island was under the Soviet protection. A journey through the personal history of Juan Padrón along with the history of one of the countries that marked the XX century, told with humor and intelligence.